Monday, June 28, 2010

The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me... a 2006 album by Brand New.

It's quite a dark collection of songs, perhaps not so much in terms of lyrics (some of the tracks have rather optimistic undertones) but more on the general mood that echoes throughout its span. It's emotional, deals with conflicting issues and can be pretty grim at certain points. And I think this is the most fitting album to resonate with how I feel at present. It might as well represent my mental, emotional and spiritual conditions for these recent years.

What kind of person defines his life by an album by some rock band? Someone pretty messed up in the head, I guess.

Maybe if I hang on long enough, I will eventually feel like this one...

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Woke Up To This The Other Day

And today?

My second Coheed gig, weehee.

Arm yourself to rock out this August. Man your own jackhammer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Read This To Her

What have I ever done
To be rewarded with you
Standing by me all the time?
I wish I knew.
Have I earned this endless stream
Of memories I live with you?
Never asked myself these
But now I do.

I’ve grown too used
To the brightness of my days
You shine for me
But I just don’t appreciate.
My apologies
More overused than cliché’s
I’ve taken you for granted
Given in to selfish ways.

Can’t believe what I share with you
Is said with words that don’t ring true
Can’t imagine all the pain
I’ve dragged you through.
I’ve bitten way more promises
More than I can ever chew
Do I deserve the chance
To start anew?

So I could give you
The happiness you’re long due
Give you a real lover
Instead of a fool.
Takes longer than a night
To change, oh what a shame
But I will give it a try
I don’t want to be the same,


Celebrating The Birth of.

Exactly 23 years ago at this moment, she came into this world.

She was meant to live an eventful life, in which every single day would be filled with laughter. And she was meant to complete lives of others. She still does.

Today, she has turned another year older. But she still stays the same lady like no other.

Happy Birthday ke 23 saya ucapkan kepada Dzeti Alfina Mohd Dashilah.

Terima kasih dan minta maaf seikhlas hati atas kelemahan dan kelalaian diri tak menandingi kasih sayang anda.

Have a great one.

My birthday girl.