Friday, August 20, 2010

These Are The Good Old Days

First and foremost, Coheed and Cambria was two weeks ago. This blog has been devoid of updates since my laptop is really messed up lately. Anyway, the gig was great, despite a few shortcomings which I have already gotten over (and not worth mentioning). In the previous post, I talked about a guy who I envied for meeting the band at the airport. Well, turned out that I met him at the gig and hung out with him and another die-hard fan throughout those few exhilarating hours. After the show, I approached the tour manager to find out whether we could catch the band on their way away at the airport. Their departure time was very untimely since I got to be in IPBA in the morning but the other two new friends endured the exhaustion and waited for them at KLIA. The result was photos of them with the band having a good time and me being miserable looking at the photos. Haha. So, that was the end of my fanboyism episode.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking about these last few months as a student. Soon, I'll be completely out of my comfort zone into total adulthood. These are the good old days that I'll remember later but I don't know if I'm prepared. I suck horribly at coping with changes and I succumb to misery when life passes by too fast.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fanboyism (Current Level : Unbearable Excitement)

Disclaimer: This post will be filled with childish remarks. Fanboyism, when not treated, could inevitably cause this. Keep your distance if this kind of thing irks you (as it does to even me).

I was surfing Facebook (using Dzeti's account. I've let her reset my password and keep it as a secret, for reasons not to be revealed). Checked out Coheed's page and there's a picture of a Malay dude welcoming them at KLIA. Dang! Jealousy elevates skyward.

I'm preparing myself for the big night, which turned out to be tomorrow (I thought it would be on Monday till Dzeti reminded me this morning) so I'm maximizing the Coheedistic spirits in me with some rituals such as ironing the band T-shirt (which has been worn a thousand times, as most probably noticed by people around me), sliding the ticket and KillAudio hardcover neatly into my bag, preparing photos to be signed during meet and greet and once this is all done, I'm impatiently waiting for these 18 hours to lapse, all with nothing but Coheed discography in endless loops in the background.

As evident here, fanboyism can also result in run-on sentences. And I'm quite surprised that I managed to type without caps and multiple exclamation marks.


Damn! Almost.